Air Hydraulic Powerunit
Hydraulic Power Unit Tool GB902

GB902 Info:


  • Hand/Foot operated.
  • Compatible with Gage Bilt and Huck速 air/hydraulic installation tools regardless of trigger style.
  • Hose kits and accessories available
  • Pressure adjustable to10,000 PSI
  • FLOW: 25 cu. inch / min @ 5,000 PSI
  • POWER: 60-110 PSI compressed air
  • WEIGHT: 19.5 lbs **w/o Oil
  • HEIGHT: 16.5"
  • WIDTH: 5.35"
  • LENGTH: 10.35"
  • The air pressure to the unit controls the output and return pressure to the tool and must be properly adjusted for each tool. Consult tool manuals for proper settings.