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BLIND RIVETS & LOCKBOLTS Tool Fastener Recommendation Chart
Find the associated tool for your fastener. Example search: Cherrymax, Huckmax, Allmax, NAS, Nutplate, LGP, MLGPL, MBC, Plastic Split, BOM, Avbolt, HP8 etc...or by fastener size: ORLOCK 1/8", 1/4", MLGPL 8mm etc...

CHERRYMAX®, CHERRYLOCK®, MAXIBOLT®, T Rivet® and MBC® are registered trademarks of Cherry Aerospace Fasteners. HUCKMAX®, ASP® LGPL®, GPL®, MLGPL®, C6L®, C50L, Bobtail®, Magna-Grip®, Magna-Lok®, FloorTight®, BOM®, HP8® and UNIMATIC® are registered trademarks of Arconic Inc. ALLMAX® and Fastack® are registered trademarks of Allfast Fastening Systems, Inc. UAB™ is a trademark of Arconic Inc. Bulb-tite® is a registered trademark Gesipa Fasteners USA, Inc. Klamp-tite®, Avdelok®, Avbolt®, Avseal® and Monobolt® are registered trademarks of Avdel UK Limited. Pop® is a registered trademark of Emhart Teknologies. Orlock®, Ornilock®, Mega Orlock®, Or-Bulb® U-Fix A/S® and U-Fix Steel® are registered trademarks of Ornit® Blind Rivets Limited Co. SFC KOENIG® is a registered trademark of SFC KOENIG AG.