Installation Tools designed to control FOD
Straight Feed-N-Swage Rivet Tool

Straight Feed-N-Swage

Straight Feed-N-Swage is a Semi-Automatic Installation Tool for LGP® Lockbolts. Great for FOD control, improves safety, speeds up production, and saves you money.

GB5500 Collar Feeder


The GB5500 Collar Feeder Series automatically feeds the next collar into position allowing for faster installation times and increased efficiency. The cartridges are quickly and easily refilled using our automatic bowl feeder and cartridge adapter.

GB734SHV Rivet Tool


- Lightweight Ergonomic Design
- Improved Access
- Smooth Swivel Action
- Lightweight Design
- Vacuum Removal of pintails (optional)
- 8 Foot Hose

Pintail Stem Catcher Bags

Pintail Stem Catcher Bag

The stem catcher bag is a convenient accessory that helps eliminate FOD. The bag is equipped with a heavy–duty zipper with a Velcro band that holds it securely in place to catch the spent rivet stems as they are ejected. See tool manual for part numbers.