Blind Rivet Autofeeder

GAGE BILT | Blind Rivet Autofeeder Semi-automated Riveting Systems
GAGE BILT - Blind Rivet Autofeeder

Blind Rivet Autofeeder Description:

Gage Bilt's 8000 series semi-automated riveting systems use a hand held pistol grip or an in-line installation tool. The tool comes with a 8 foot umbilical connected to a hydraulic power unit. The tool and power unit work cooperatively with a vibratory bowl, escapement and plc controller built into a base unit of 28"x16"x14". The unit automatically presents rivets to the nose tip from the feeder with air. The rivet is then pulled into the tool via a vacuum system that also provides for the discharge of the spent pintails. The unit requires 110 vac, 80 psi minimum, with 10 CFM of compressed air. This system is capable of a feed rate of 45 rivets a minute.

Other Accessories: