GAGE BILT Riveting Kit

GB745TCK Info:

Choose GAGE BILT's blind rivet and lockbolt installation kit designed especially for Truck and Trailer OEM's. The GB745TCK can be configured to meet your needs, whether you're fixing Wabash®, Great Dane®, Peterbilt®, Kenworth® or any other brand trailer or truck. The kit includes nose assemblies to pull your fasteners, and at the heart of the system is our heavy-duty GB745 installation tool. All of this is conveniently stored in a metal tool case.

The GB745TCK kit comes with a nose and 2 tips to install 3/16" and 1/4" structural blind rivets in any material, a bleeder bottle, a catcher bag for pintails, a 3/16" & 1/4" Magna-Grip® nose for the hood and cab and a 3/8" C6L® Huckbolt® nose. An adapter is included for the noses through 1/4".